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        To get any of the following games to work you must first download the necessary files to a floppy disk (A:\).  Then download the game(s) you want to play on to that same floppy disk.  Then you must unzip the game and the necessary files on the floppy disk.  Finally, you must run the game off of the disk.  You can use the same disk for every game.  Don't expect too much from them.  The graphics aren't all that great, but the concept and game play are kind of neat.  Enjoy!

Download **Necessay Files** .

Download Astro Smash 2000 .         (Best one I've programed)
Download Astro Smash 2000 v2.8 . (BETTER VERSION OF PROGRAM ABOVE)
Download BlackJack .
Download The Gift of Napalm .
Download 3-D Astro Smash .
Download Ultra Tank .
Download Tic-Tac-Toe .
Download Car Racer (Beta Version) .

There will be more games to come when I get around to it.  I would
really appreciate any comments about the games.
Email  masterof@reocities.com