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Oops...my site is a little heavy on graphics, not too much mind you, but it may take a little time to load. I promise it is worth the wait. Thank you for being patient.

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I grew up with the music on this site and really like it. I thank the people who made these midis. If it is not to your taste you can turn it off by clicking on the note :-)

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A Small Description Of My Site :-)

Persistance pays off. I graduated from LSU in Baton Rouge with my MSW in 1998. It was a rough struggle since I was 46 at the time and attended the advanced placement program. This site started off as a resource for abuse suvivors and has seen many changes. I guess there is something to that saying that change is growth. Well, I am remodeling/changing/growing again and ask that you be a little patient with me. In the meanwhile please enjoy the ones that I have reworked. Thank you.


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A Little Venting :-)

(For Those To Whom It Applies)

A lot of love, work, time, and my inner self, are included in my site. My desire is to help fight discrimination and ignorance toward persons with disabilities, hidden or otherwise. Please know that there is someone out there that understands and that although recovery is difficult and takes time it can and does occur.

It is painful to anyone who has a homepage when their work is negatively criticized when so much of their soul goes into building it. I humbly ask that if you are inclined to be spiteful or hurtful to not sign the guestbook. Thank you for understanding and being nice.

I was just totally blown away. I placed a guest book on my page to honor those who visit with a return visit when I can do so. Since I am in BCSW supervision, drug rehabilitation classes, and individual counseling for my own abuse issues while working full time, I am quite busy. Consequently it takes a while before I have the opportunity check my guestbook. I did that tonight and found some very disturbing pictures. If you place graphics in my guestbook please do me and my visitors the courtesy of refraining from posting pornographic materials. My site is family safe and I will honor that and the pictures will be removed as soon as possible. If it continues I will notify my guestbook server and follow all recourse available. Thank you and I apologize to those of you to whom this does not apply and were exposed to this person's immature action.

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Thank you for joining your voices with mine.
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