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Welcome to The Support Group for Friends, Relatives, and Partners of Sexual Trauma Survivors.

Welcome to UIUC Campus Support Group! Survivors of sexual abuse/assault often experience fear, distress, confusion, and anger. They may find it difficult to trust and to be intimate with others. As a result, those, who are closest to them become victims as well - the closeness to the survivor's experience may underline the vulnerability to violence; relatives and friends may feel guilty that they did not prevent the assault/abuse; partners may be afraid of being associated with the perpetrator, and of having sex with a survivor. If you are a friend, relative, or a partner of sexual trauma survivor, it might be hard enough to deal with your own issues, let alone helping your loved one to heal. Our newly forming support group may be the answer you are looking for. If you'd like to part-take in the formation of this support group, please, contact Bill at

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