A Glimmer of Hope

Welcome to a safe place. If you're here, you've probably suffered terribly at someone else's hands as I have. I want to say first thing that I'm sorry for your losses. These pages are dedicated to you and to every innocent child on this planet. You may not feel a "glimmer of hope" today, but please believe me when I say there is hope! In these pages you will find pain and sorrow, anger and confusion, and much darkness. But you will also find secrets brought out into the light. And only when those ugly secrets are out can you begin to feel some freedom and power in your life. So hear others. Cry for them. Be angry with them. Then share your story in this safe place so we can be there for you.

Don't let your offender(s) steal one more day from you. You're too important. Take back your life today! You're worth it!

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