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Hello and welcome to Talking to Tahlia!

I have been told by my friends I am a great listener and they feel they can tell me whatever is on their mind and I will be able to help them to solve their problems. I want to start by saying my door is always open. Anyone who feels they need to talk to someone is welcome to give me a try. I offer no guarantees but will give any questions I am asked my best go!

I am here for another reason though. I need someone to talk to also and I am hoping by posting what I need to say I will resolve issues I have held inside for far too long. My story is not incredibly tragic but I have been through some tough times and will be facing more in the coming months. I have never felt I had anyone to share my experiences with who would understand what I have been through. After touring Wellesley and seeing a few of the featured pages I decided this is the place for me. I felt very at home and I have faith there are people here who will understand what I have been through. I was especially inspired by Staying Strong-a fight against sexual assault. I was also pleased to see there is a large age group here! Young and old alike have come together to help each other.

So with this in mind, I join your community with the hope I can help you and you in turn can help me. I will welcome questions as well as answers with open arms. To protect privacy I will never use anyone's real name in my writings, not even my own. I know the chances of someone involved in my secrets finding my webpage are slim at best however, I do not wish to take any chances! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this great community! I look foward to meeting my neighbors.

This is by far the best honor I could ever have bestowed upon me! Thank you so much Denise for nominating me and to the staff of the Wellesley Post for honoring me with this award.

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Meet Corina my Guardian Angel!
Corina is the guardian of Abused Women & Children. Even though I am no longer a victim of abuse, I thought she would make a good guardian for Talking to Tahlia.
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If you would like to talk to me or if you have any suggestions for improving my page, I would love to hear from you!

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