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Me and My Family
I am 5"5", and have brown hair and blue eyes.  My husband, Michael, is the most amazing man I have ever known!  I have a terrific fifteen year old son, Christopher, an amazing four year old son, Matthew, and a very  active 20 month old son, Anthony.  I work as a Legal Instructor at a private college. 

I enjoy:
Sports:  Playing baseball and bowling
Movies: The Sound of Music, To Sir With Love, While You Were Sleeping, Backdraft (and too many others to name)
Collections: Classic Pooh and Frogs
Other Stuff: Spending time with the family, travelling, playing pool, listening to music, reading novels, and knitting.
Elizabeth (Mom)
Christopher is in a French Immersion Program and is in tenth grade.  He has brown hair and blue eyes and is now towering over Mom!!

Christopher's favourite things are:
Sports: Playing baseball, auto racing (#24 - Jeff Gordon), basketball, soccer, football and hockey
Movies: Space Jam, Gumby, Flubber, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Foods: Pizza, perogies, tacos, hamburgers and fries (typical kid!)
Restaurants: Taco Bell and McDonalds
Collections: Dirty socks under the bed
Other: Magic tricks
Christopher at age 9,
with Uncle Robert's dog,
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