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So much has been written about Atlantis, but what is true?


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Are you ready to find how you might benefit from knowing more about the Atlantis myths? What if they weren't all myths?

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There Is A Lot Of Mystery Out There

Problem is identifying how we fit into the picture.

World history as we know it could be wrong and/or distorted. The Atlantis myth may be what Carl Jung defined as a special kind of memory, the collective unconscious. One theory going around is that those alive during the height of the Atlantean civilization are being reincarnated among us today. What could we learn from them.

What we may be looking for today to settle our minds is a harmony between our conscious and unconscious.

"Ideas (are) the great educators. They (are) the entry into the mysteries of human existence. Ideas (are) the triggers of action and the key to humanity's hopes, visions, follies, illusions, terrors and triumphs." -Isaiah Berlin.

-What I plan on doing with these pages is experiment with some of my thoughts. Most of my life has been a quest, not for such a simple thing as a Holy Grail. No, even if found, such a thing accomplishes nothing really constructive for the human species.

-My quest has been finding my own significance in the universe and what this "life-game" is all about. Each of us is on a similar quest, if we only looked within ourselves and truthfully confronted what our life is all about. When we actually find what our significance is, won't we be surprised! Yes, our genes determine our destiny, but I doubt that it was by chance (Darwin's idea) that such a thing as a gene pool was formulated in the first place. Our next adventure is changing the combination of ingredients in that pool!

-After the earthside experience is over, what has one's life really stood for? What difference has it really made in the overall state of the universe? Optimists believe that each of us has changed the present by merely being here. The pessimist has other ideas about our value. I am intrigued by coming in from the backside of our "mind-mirror" and looking at ourselves with new eyes from a different and fresh prospective. I've attempted this in my poetry.

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PoemMIND IS ALL, a great poem, and a review of our book OUT OF THE MOUTH OF A CHINESE DRAGONClassical Chinese stories for young adults.
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-Ideas are critical. For the first time individuals such as myself have a chance to address the world. Any and all can use the web to look in many new directions. What I would do with the "magic" of my web is to challenge old ideas and put forth a new way of looking at our own divinity, our own sacredness, our own holiness that is hard to identify within the confines of formal institutional religion. I died for five minutes one time in 1982. I was scuba-diving in the Sea of Cortez and had an asthma attack lossing consciousness. Sinking into 50 feet of water and no longer breathing, I walked the dark tunnel to the light. It cooperated in sending me back to write my three books. One secret it told me was that we are all sons and daughters of God and the Good Lord sees our world through our eyes. Wow! WDhat a secret to hold all these years. Yes, I must share that with you...

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