Hi We're the Monson's    
Chuck is the CEO/General Manager at Dakota Granite Company in Milbank, South Dakota.  He's been there for 24+ years.   He likes his cottage at the lake, enjoys the boat and is a addict on the internet.   

Sherry is the principal of St. Lawrence  Catholic School here in Milbank.  She has so many hobbies that we couldn't even list them all here.  In addition to being a good wife, mother and teacher, she likes to garden, read, do needlepoint, sew, involved in school, church and civic things. 
We have four kids: 
Noelle is our oldest daughter and is now the office manager foa a company called REM., a company that takes care of handicapped people.  She riw married to  Jesse Douvier and they have a home in Sauk Rapids.  In November of 2000 they had our first grandchild Gabriel James.  Jessee is a police officer for the St. Cloud Police Department.
Nick, is back in Milbank workinfg for Royal Insurance.  He is undecided about his future and is trying working for a while.  He successfully completed his first year at St. Cloud State. 
Alexis who is starting her third year  at UMD in Duluth Minnesota.   Last year she was an exchange student in the UK and spend a lo tof time traveling These are her Senior high school pictures. .  She worked at Dakota Granite for three years also and now works part time at Younkers in Duluth, MN
Andrea *better known as Anna* finished her Senior year at  Milbank High School too.   Anna is in Willmar working at a restaurant called "Town Talk".  She's not sure, but her plans may include going to culinary school next year either in St. Cloud or Minneapolis
We have a dog too, her name is Tahulah......but all her friends call her "Tootie"!!!  She's our third and sweetest dog.  She does whatever wherever she pleases...and she has us trained very well.  
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