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This site dedicated to the memory of Lcpl Christopher James Roy Six

"God loves the Marine Corps. We keep him supplied with fresh souls!"

-GySgt Hartman Full Metal Jacket

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June 12, 1986 the Day I Graduated Bootcamp. No other single accomplishment has meant so much to me.

You can be in the Army, Navy, or Air Force... but you are a Marine. Think about that! The corps has always been feared by the weak hearted. Why join the Marines, they are very extreme. That is exactly correct. We sort out most non hackers even before bootcamp. The rest get weeded out during the 13 weeks of Breaking down, rebuilding, and hardening. This process looked down upon by those who could not handle it is the key element in keeping the gap so spread. To further strengthen us is our deep rooted morals and beliefs learned at MCRD! The importance of brotherhood and comradery is seen in Marines from all generations.

I went to Parris Island, South Carolina on 19 March, 1986 at the tender age of 17. 4 years after the bombing of the Marine Barracks, Beirut in 1982. I thought I was tough, I had no idea what I was about to become. I strutted off the grinder 12 June, 1986 a Marine. I now understood brotherhood, and what the word friend really was supposed to mean! 

To the non-Marine services of America.... You deserve respect and are as important to America's efforts as the Marines. This site is geared towards Marines for Marines. No offence to you is intended or deserved.

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To the protestors and draft dodgers, please look again so you will be offended twice.....

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