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Nice to see you! Here is some information about myself:

My name is Lena Matzdotter. I am born in Sweden and have lived here all my life except for one year when I lived in Germany.

As of Jan 1, 1999, I have a translation business called LM Translate IT - something that I enjoy very much. My speciality is computer related translations from English to Swedish, but I have also worked a lot with general technical and management translations. Before I "jumped" from that safe place in life, I was working for ABB for 18.5 years, managing the computer networks for many of those years.

Having too many hobbies, I could really do with another 24 hours every day. Here is a small list of what I like to do:

Fishing, walking in the forests, gardening, target shooting, playing music (piano and CD:s), chatting, writing, cooking, travelling ....

Thanks for visiting - please check in again!

Something about my town, the company where I used to work and my own business:

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