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Jonathan Dale Herridge

Born: March 3, 1975

Hometown: Houston, TX

Residence: Austin, TX

Hobbies: Music, fishing, fun

Intruments: Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bass,
harmonica, piano, and banjo (very little)


Latest news:

I've been playing freelance for the most part. There are a few bands I play with on a semi-regular basis including Dave Wiant, Bobby Pounds, and Paul Eason. Dave and I have an acoustic gig lined up every Thursday at Taz Country in Pflugerville, TX. We're bringing special guests every week and looking forward to have some good times pickin' and grinin'.

My Interests:

I am into old time fiddle music. If you like Bob Wills, Johnny Gimble, Buddy Spicher, Chubby Wise, etc., then you are just the person I want to meet. I have played the fiddle since I was two years old. I was born in 1975, so you can do the math. I grew up playing in fiddle contests all over Texas. If you have any information on contests, please e-mail me.

Pretty much, music is my passion. I know that I was put on this earth to play music. It's pretty neat to know exactly what you're supposed to do. There is nothing like the look on a little kid's face when he or she is looking up at you while you are playing. The satisfaction I get from making other people enjoy themselves by playing for them is undescribable. Nothing makes me as happy.

Just FYI...I also play guitar, bass, mandolin, a little banjo, harmonica, and a little piano. I'm always wanting to learn new instruments. Some day I think I'll expand to brass instruments...and eventually I'll play the pedal steel.

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