What happened to Wish4?

Wish4 was relieved of his duties by Excite on 9-26-98 by Whisper. He had been away for a few weeks on personal absence due to work and to a personal loss in his family. Wish4 contributed a lot to Excite and the TALK! community, and it is a shame that Excite has decided that they must come before his job and family. Wish4 asked the Excite management a few days prior to this event to discuss any shortcomings and why he was being treated unfairly. The only response received was the letter from Whisper relieving him of his duties. Wish4 had previously dedicated over 15 hours a week to the community of Excite and was very serious about his hosting position. In this reporter's position, I feel Wish4 has been very unfairly relieved of his duties and I am reluctant to say Excite had any justice in this termination. All I can say is that Excite has made a terrible mistake by denouncing the dedication of this individual and that the community will be missing a good host with the absence of Wish4!

Update - 8-3-04 - Wish4 is no more...his old buddy Cntry is still missing in action. Yahoo gobbled up GeoCities, Excite filed bankruptcy, sold a bunch of stock in @home, got in trouble, went out of business so to speak, sold out, and came back half way from the dead sponsored by a whole ton of companies, but fell pretty hard, huh? Well guess they got what they deserved on the chat side. It ain't jack now folks. Tom and Julie built Halsoft, moved VP over there and is now charging...charging to talk, what a concept...wish the phone company was as cheap as Tom's software. I sure do miss the old Excite VP...if any of you are out there that once knew Wish4 or the "original" CntryBoy, an email might be nice to get here and there, and it is a simple address - cntry@heartoftn.net...now I will have to add you to my friends list so that you don't spam me, haha...spam...back in 97 when I first started chatting, spam was still in a can.

To all my friends I once knew in chat, a huge HELLO! To all of the chatters I hosted with, an even bigger HELLO! To my old buddies in Parents Chat...you jack asses, why didn't you keep in touch. I loved all of you guys. To all of the enemies that Wish4 made in chat as a host...get over it kids, I was a freaking purple wizard with a yellow starred sleeping cap and a long white beard, how gay was that? I promise I didn't gag you unless you deserved it...well, maybe a couple of times.
See ya!