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Current List:

cuoresportivotini.gif (4666 bytes)My Personal Alfa Romeo Page

cuoresportivotini.gif (4666 bytes)Lots of Pictures of Alfas

    blueball.gif (223 bytes)      My family

    blueball.gif (223 bytes)        Uncle Jack       

c_caffe.gif (3012 bytes)affe Espresso
Some info and links to savory brew places.
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Current Projects:

My Personal Alfa Romeo page
This is all new to me, so bare with me. I'm working on it...
Other Alfas
This one has lots of pictures of great Alfas.
Caffe espresso
This was my first page, so it needs work, but if you crave for a cup of coffee....
Visit Argentina
Here you will find very interesting things about my country, links and all.  Not quite ready yet
Visit Italy
Ah. la bella Italia! Another project with a future, but no present.
Visit Armenia, the country and the Diaspora.  I will have links to many sites related to Armenia.
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Personal Interests:

Alfa Romeos

I have owned Alfas for 18 years and can't get enough of them.

Satellite TV

Since I live out of the cable TV reach (thank God) I was forced to get

a satellite dish, or 2. Then I discovered what I had been missing.
Gourmet food and wine

Anything that has to do with good food and good vino always catches my interest.


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Personal Info:

Born in Buenos Aires, I currently live in Southern smoggy California.  Drive an Alfa to work daily, drink only caffè ristretto, and enjoy good wine with good food, preferably italian.

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Contact Info:

buzonrojo.gif (4984 bytes)  jorge.ana@verizon.net

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