I realized a while ago that all this incongruous geocities branding is detracting from the impact I am after. It's like seeing an opera at 7-11. When I first erected this website in February, the only requirement was the Geocities link at the bottom of the page. I met this requirement from Day one. Now there is often a pop-up console ad, an animated geo-person link at the bottom of my pages, and that accursed watermark. If this wasn't free, I'd have something to really complain about...Anyway, I'm fed up enough to leave town. I got my own domain: www.cockeyed.com. Please check it out and memorize the URL. At some point, I will have all this content moved over there, and Yahoo will point to that, but for now it is mostly different, newer stuff, without the Geoverkill. Thanks for coming. -Rob Cockerham

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