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My name is Paula Marķa Scordato and i live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have15 years old. My birthday is the 22nd of July. I live with my parents, Norma and Julio, and i also have a siamese cat called Blanki. She is 8 "kitty" years old. I love the cats!! .

This cat is blanki!!

I found a cat with 35 days, and i called him LeoBut Leo go away for a long time, he go to the cats“s world and never return. We have great fun together. I like animals very much and I'm thinking of studding to be a veterinarian.

My Likes

FOOD: I like chips and burgers (especially those from Mc Donald's). I also like fish a lot, especially fried squid (my favourite meal) and haddock fillet. And of course i like pizza with mozzarella and peas on it; empanadas (a kind of small pie with cheese and ham or meat stuffing generally), chocolates... these are my likes for the time being.

MUSIC: I like slow music and techno. I definetely don't listen to heavy metal, i don't like that. My favourite groups and musicians are: Take That,Backstreet Boys, etc....( I love Take That!!)

SPORTS: The sports I like and practise are many, such as Hockey and i like very much Volley..

HOBIESS: Craft, collecting skeels, the computer, see the TV (specially "The Nanny")





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I hope you've liked my Home Page.

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