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Hi, welcome to our page. We don't get too update the page too much, but we try to add to the page every few weeks. My name is Karen, and my husband's name is Todd. We have been married four years as of this past August.

We have a wonderful son, Alex Tyler. He was born in January 1996 and he is a real handful

And, we cannot forget our two cats, Tigger and Missy, who were in charge before Alex came along! Check out our family picture.

I've been spending a lot of time on the net entering sweepstakes lately. I've won several small prizes so far, but I am hoping to win something big. Of you know of any good pages that list sweepstakes, let me know.

I'm compiling a list of links to sites where I have found cool backgrounds, gifs, and help with creating web pages.
These are some of the best places I have found for help with my webpage.

Links to free stuff and sites with links to free stuff!!!

Zia - free stuff

Next To Nothing

Scavenger's Quest

Jellybelly Samples

Links to other sites

My Refunding/Couponing Page
The Cybermom

Parents Place

Parents at Home Page

Coupon Net

Fastfood Nutritional Facts Check out the nutritional values that I have found for some of your favorite fastfoods.

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