The Collegiate Distraction

(a work in progress)

Last worked on July 25th, 1997

When I first came to college, I had some expectations. I thought that I would become the academic success that I wasn't in high school...that I would be able to use my grades to get into a successful career and live happily on a nice paycheck.

Of course, what I thought that I would become, and what actually happened are two different things. Yes, college is a place to learn, but academia and all it's rigors aren't the only thing to gain from four years of school. Be wary college traveller, for your institute of higher learning may actually be several thousand dollars of distractions.

What caused my professional dreams to turn into an almost $100,000 nightmare for my parents, and eventually me when they found out? Well, some days, I like to think that I can place the blame on the rigorous teachings of my college, or the sheltered life that I led at my high school...but in the end, I can only place the blame on myself. But I certainly did have a lot of distractions...

My Friends
Some of the people that I would have never survived those last few semesters without, and some that I could have used while I was there.

Ultimate Frisbee
While completely unathletic during my high school days (unless you count ping-pong), "frisbee football" got me running around three days a week. What makes it so special anyway?

I only discovered the net sometime during my second semester in college, and then the glorious worlds of MUSHing at the beginning of my third. Certain characters have taken over my life since then, find out about them here.

New Musical Tastes
My freshman roomate introduced me to Sting's Ten Summoners Tales. Since then, I must have listened to 'Seven Days' at least 500 times since, as well as collected the rest of his albums. But will Dave Matthews and his Band replace him in my mind? Click and find out.

The College Itself
I haven't told you which college I did attend, have I? Well, for those taking notes, it's Swarthmore College. No, it's not an all-girls school. It does happen to be the #1 liberal arts college in the nation this year however. Go figure. Of course, I have my own personal reasons for why THAT shouldn't be the case.

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