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the 19th Hole!

Welcome to the 19th Hole!

UPDATE: I have to move to Comcast.net from here since Geocities is shutting down VERY SOON!


Please bear with me for a little bit -- the site is under construction and until I figure out their web hosting tools, it will look pretty basic.

After living here in Pennsylvania for over over three years, things could not be better, except for the whole lack of employment thing. Obviously, the weather is not always as perfect as the above shot of the glorious 7th hole at Pebble Beach, BUT it IS more preferable than living anywhere near the beltway! I think it's time to re-boot the movie reviews page and hope to get hired that way...

I am currently UNEMPLOYED

This is a video promoting one of the best games to come out in recent years
-- Check it out! GET IT HERE!

These guys rule!
Click on image above to see their HBO page and then check out their LOTR parody below!

Video Game Voters Network

The several career changes since 2004 have made it nearly impossible to truly do justice to a complete revamping of the Movie Review page (yet!), so I'll continue to leave a list of MUST SEE and MUST MISS flicks for you. Some of them will be "oldies but goodies", while others will be "coming soon" or "just leaving theaters".

So...with that in mind, Here is my current list of MUST SEE movies that you should be sure to check out either in the theater or on DVD:

The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Tropic Thunder, Quantum of Solace, There Will Be Blood, Gone Baby Gone, No Country For Old Men, Juno, Cloverfield, Grandma's Boy (I see it once a week as a rule!), Knocked Up, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Departed, Stranger Than Fiction, Running With Scissors, Wizards, The Yards, Rock and Rule, Accepted, Waiting..., The Prestige, The Illusionist, Casino Royale, Fletch, Blow Out, Phantoms, Clerks 2, Wonderland, Where The Buffalo Roam, An Inconvenient Truth, Valley of the Dolls, V for Vendetta, Tron, True Romance, and Time Bandits

Rush Hour 3, Mamma Mia, The Happening, Boogeyman, Poison Ivy 2 & 3, Wild Things 2 & 3, Leprechaun 2, Very Bad Things, Robots, Forces of Nature, Reindeer Games, War of the Worlds, Vanilla Sky, Eyes Wide Shut, Sandlot 2, Back to the Future 3, Rocky 4-6, Pearl Harbor, The Ninth Gate, and The Royal Tannenbaums

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This Dilbert pretty much sums up the world of work I USED to exist in every day in Baltimore & after my last job laid me off because they spent too much money on their racing team and not enough on intelligent sales executives, they are on my sh*t list too!


You are pretty much the coolest animal, a Liger.

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