Time marches on, it's been 7 years since my mom died.  I think it's starting to sink in.  I took lots of time off to wrap things up for her and to umm... spend all that money of hers.

Then I met my wife at the dog park.  We bought a house together and fixed it up.   Tina works at AC Transit in a very good job.  I went to school to get my Aircraft Technician License and then got a job at Apple working retail.

Tina makes a great household, everything is so tidy and the food is great, we spend much time cuddling with our animals, watching the tube, and surfing the web.

The house is wired and wireless with computers and internet everywhere and two HDTV sets. I even have an HDTV group at

I have also hooked up with a group that is trying to UnWire the island of Alameda where we live, we are mounting antennas all over the island and running a wireless internet style backbone to allow us to transfer huge amounts of data all around the island.  Initially it even has free interenet via a 9 mile wireless connection across the bay to San Francisco, check out our site at

Randy in 1995
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