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Bats & Me The question is, who the heck am I? When I first made these pages, I was a graduate student at The Ohio State University in the Department of Evolution Ecology and Organismal Biology (formerly the Department of Zoology). I was working with Dr. W. M. Masters, studying echolocation in Eptesicus fuscus, the Big Brown Bat (which isn't really all that big). Click here to go to the Batlab web         page. Well, I finally got finished with my PhD, and I'm now a biology professor at Clayton College & State University in Morrow, Georgia.  Click here for a link to my CCSU web page, with more information about my research and bats in general.  You can also click on the links on the left side of your screen for a list of my research interests as well as more bat-related information and links.
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Since I'm interested in education, I've taken a rather strong interest in subjects such as the paranormal and creationism, two areas that I think have a high degree of irrationality in them.  For that reason, I've started making my own listing of books/articles I've read dealing with such issues, along with my reviews of them.  Click on the "Skepticism" link at the left to go to those pages.

BioBase is a bibliographic database program I've written. Click on the link to get information about the program or to download the newest version         (v3.4.5, updated 11 July 2000).

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